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Expert Wasp Nest Removal In Essex

When it comes to wasp nest removal Essex home and business owners want a speedy, effective service that gets the job done, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you use DCM Pest Control. Our specialists have the experience and know-how to ensure the finest insect control Essex has to offer for only £75.00!

Our affordable service brings you the peace of mind you deserve, helping your home or business premises to become a wasp-free environment in no time at all. Whether you have a single nest in the loft of your house or several nests in an office block or warehouse, you only need one call to make the problem go away.

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We are accredited, experienced specialists who have been solving wasp-related issues throughout Essex and beyond for many years. Many of our customers bring us repeat business because they have been pleased with our performance in the past. We offer the very latest state of the art techniques accompanied by good old-fashioned standards of service, so feel free to give us a call today.

How Do You Get Rid Of Wasps?

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 1 – Identify

The first task is to locate the wasps nest and of course the occupants. Our Essex wasp nest removal team will select the most appropriate form of treatment for the individual circumstances. We carry out a risk assessment before proceeding, with an emphasis on the safest strategy.

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2 – Treat

The first step in this process is the application of a strong insecticide to the entrance to the nest, which causes the inhabitants to defend the queen. Wasps which have been outside will return to the nest bringing the insecticide in with them, an activity that will continue for around two hours. This fast, effective treatment is safe to pets and children.

3 – Eradicate

Activity in and around the nest will continue until the queen has been killed; there will usually be no sign of activity after about five hours. This is a quick, clean method which has been used by our experts for many years. Once the nest’s inhabitants have all been killed, it will not be re-used by any wasps in the future and can be left in situ.

We Charge A Fixed Price Of £75 To Treat A Nest

Our fixed cost of £75.00 represents excellent value for money, and ensures you won’t be charged for any unexpected extras. We all like to budget for our needs, so it’s reassuring to know the best insect control Essex can offer will always be affordable.

When you first discover the presence of a wasp nest in the home or business premises, it can be something of a traumatic experience. The initial thoughts are likely to be focussed on the safety of the family or the workforce, and that’s why we offer a service that’s geared towards complete peace of mind.

We believe in letting customers know the cost of our wasp control service, and of treating the problem as quickly and as effectively as possible. If there are children in the vicinity, or people with dangerous allergies, you will want to know that the situation is being handled by an experienced, knowledgeable professional, and that’s exactly what you will get with DCM Pest Control.

Call your local wasp pest control team today for a rapid end to your problem!

What If The Treatment Is Unsuccessful?

In the unlikely event that wasps are still using the nest, we will return free of charge to carry out the necessary treatment. It’s very rare for this to ever be an issue, although it can happen when the occasional wasp has been unable to return to the nest in the usual time-span.

How Quick Are The Results?

In the vast majority of cases, every inhabitant of the nest will have been eradicated within four hours of the treatment. It should be noted, however, that some nests are significantly larger than others, and in such cases the eradication process may take a little longer.

Do You Remove The Wasp Nest?

It’s safer and more effective to apply insecticide from outside the property, and in the vast majority of cases we leave the nest in situ. Nests are never re-used again, so it’s not an issue to leave it behind. We are able, however, to remove nests for a small extra charge should the customer require us to do so.

Local Discreet Service

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Given the fact that a wasp nest can contain many thousands of potentially dangerous insects, speed is off the essence. If you’re looking for the fastest and most efficient wasp nest removal Essex has to offer, look no further than us. Our team of friendly, helpful specialists will eradicate every wasp and remove the nest with ease.

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