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DCM are your local pest control experts and we have been providing our wasp nest removal in Basildon for many years offering the most effective wasp control Basildon home and owners can find. We have a team of highly trained specialists who can locate, treat and neutralise wasp nests of all shapes and sizes in no time at all. And we can get rid of wasps for only £59.

A wasp nest can contain many thousands of insects, especially in the later summer months, and the inhabitants can turn aggressive when they feel their home is threatened. We strongly recommend that you don’t try to deal with it yourself, and that you call in the rapid response professionals instead. We are members of Checkatrade, and our knowledge and experience enable us to handle all wasp-related issues with ease.

How Do We Get Rid Of Wasps So Quickly?

removal of a wasp nest in basildon

1 – Identify

The first part of the process is always the identification of the insects. Honey bees are usually left alone, but if we find wasps we set to work on treating them straight away. We carry out a risk assessment of the situation before deciding on the most effective strategy. At this stage, safety is always the number one priority.

angry wasp nest

2 – Treat

Using an extremely strong insecticide, we treat the area with our state of the art equipment. Even if the nest is in a seemingly inaccessible position, we will still be able to reach it with ease. The majority of the wasps will remain active for only a couple of hours or so, before the chemicals start to take effect.

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3 – Eradicated

Although there may be a couple of wasps returning to the nest in the following day or two, in general the nest will be completely dormant by this stage. It’s worth noting that wasps never return to a previously used nest, so in most cases we don’t remove the nest unless specifically requested to do so. We make a small extra charge for this.

We Provided Wasp Control In Basildon 7 Days A Week Including Evenings!

We provide the finest wasp nest removal Basildon has to offer so all you have to do is call the experts from DCM Pest Control today. With a £59 fixed charge, you know you’ll be getting an excellent service for a fair price, and thanks to our rapid response we can be with you in no time.

DCM offer a guaranteed service to both domestic and commercial customers, and our discreet, friendly experts are perfect for both individual and multiple nest situations. Once the task is completed, we will survey the immediate area to make sure there are no more nests in the vicinity. We know that at this stage it’s important for home and business owners to have complete peace of mind.

Many people find the presence of a nest to be extremely upsetting, so it’s important to call in the experts at the earliest opportunity. We bring you the finest insect control Basildon has to offer, and we do so quickly, efficiently and effectively. When you need specialist assistance from those in the know, call Basildon wasp nest removal on 01245 808995.

How Quick Can You Come?

In many cases we are able to offer a same day response, although during busy periods we will usually pay a visit the next day. Many of our rivals are unable to offer a similar service, so a call to DCM Pest Control should be the first one you make. A speedy solution is vital for all home and business owners.

Will They Come Back?

Wasps never return to a nest, and will always endeavour to build a new nest as and when necessary. They may build in an adjacent location to one used in the past, but they will ignore old nests. It should be noted that wasps, unlike bees, will never form a swarm when they outgrow their current nest.

How Can You Reach The Nest?

We use a range of specialist equipment to enable us to reach even the most remote nest locations. We are able to reach as high as the roof of a standard house, and in many cases we don’t even need to get inside the home. If we have your permission to enter the exterior of the property you won’t even have to be at home when we call.

Can You Hear Scratching?

Most wasp nests are created in loft spaces, outhouses and, in some cases, in trees and bushes. Occasionally, a nest will be built in the space between cavity walls, and home owners will sometimes hear scratching noises at night as the nest is being constructed. If you hear such noises, be sure to ask DCM about the type of wasp control Basildon people can trust.

Local Discreet Service

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  • My husband spotted a wasps nest in the shed. One call and we were booked in for the same day. Very pleased!

    Claire - Basildon
  • We attempted to treat the nest ourselves with little success. DCM turned up on time and sorted with ease.

    Paul - Basildon
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