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There may come a time when you need the finest wasp nest removal Braintree can provide, so it’s reassuring to know that DCM Pest Control are only ever a phone call away. We have been providing solutions across the south-east of England for many years, and we pride ourselves on the speed of our response and the quality of our service.

We know that the first sight of a wasp nest in the home or the business property can be a traumatic experience, but our highly experienced specialists will take the stress away in no time. It’s important to leave such treatments to the experts, so contact DCM today. No matter how large the nest might be, we can neutralise it quickly, effectively and with a minimum of fuss.

How Do You Get Rid Of Wasps?

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1 – Identify

We offer the most comprehensive wasp control Braintree has to offer, and the initial part of the process is to identify the insects themselves. All reputable pest controllers leave honey bees alone, but if we’re dealing with wasps then we perform a risk assessment before determining the safest and most effective form of treatment.

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2 – Treat

Our highly effective treatment is safe to use around children and pets, but of course it’s deadly for wasps. We use specialist equipment to access the entrance to the nest before applying an extremely strong insecticide. The area will remain busy with wasps coming and going for a couple of hours, but after that all the inhabitants will gradually die off as the wasps attempt to defend both the nest and the queen.

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3 – Eradicated

Our Braintree wasp nest removal team will hit the heart of the nest quickly and safely. There is usually no sign of wasp activity after a few hours or so, because by this stage the queen and all the inhabitants will have been eradicated. Once this has happened, the nest will become completely dormant, as they are never used again.

Our Braintree Wasp Control Is Available 7 days A Week!

To find the most effective insect control Braintree residents know they only have to pick up the phone and call DCM. We provide a world-class service, and, unlike many of our competitors, we charge a fixed rate of just £59 for wasp nest treatment. We continue to set the standards by which all pest control companies should be judged.

Over the years, we have built up a large and loyal customer base throughout the Home Counties. When you need the finest wasp control Braintree can provide we will be ready and waiting to help. We deal with wasp nests in homes, gardens, outhouses and business locations, so give us a call today.

Every property, both domestic and commercial, can attract wasps in search of a location for their next nest. Throughout the summer months, end especially in late summer, the numbers in any particular colony can increase dramatically. For this reason, you need to contact the best experts in the area. DCM Wasp Nest Removal Braintree offer a discreet pest removal service that will deal with any pest problem with ease.

How Soon Can You Visit?

During particularly busy periods we will come to you on the day after you call, but in many cases we are actually able to offer a same day service. We are proud of the speed of our response and of the effectiveness of our treatments. When you need the most efficient insect control Braintree can supply, there’s only one company you need to contact.

Will The Wasps Return?

Wasps take a great deal of time and effort to build a nest, but they will never return to an old one. If you’ve had a nest in the past, there is no reason why you won’t have another one in the future. It’s important to remember they only need a very small opening to gain access to a loft, a garage or a shed but our Braintree wasp nest removal team will happily check your property for nests.

Can You Reach High Nests?

There will be times when a nest will be found in a place that’s extremely difficult to reach, but with our ultra-modern specialist equipment we will always be able to gain access. In the majority of cases, we can administer our strong insecticide from ground level, and we won’t even need to get into the property to do so.

Scratching Between Walls?

Wasps are able to construct a sizable nest in no time at all, and they like locations which offer warmth and privacy. In some houses and business properties, they will build their new homes at night in wall cavities. If you can hear a loud scratching noise in the evenings, there is a good chance that a new nest is being created. At this stage, you need the type of insect control Braintree can trust, so give DCM a call as soon as you can.

Local Discreet Service

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