Clacton on Sea Wasp Nest Removal Services £59.00

For the best wasp nest removal Clacton on Sea can offer, all you need to do is call DCM Pest Control.

Whether you have a single nest in the home, multiple nests in a business property or you’ve just noticed more wasp activity than usual recently, you need to make sure you have the qualified, experienced specialists on your side.

One call to Clacton-on-Sea Wasp Nest Removal is all you need to take the first steps towards becoming wasp-free. Our experts have been treating nests in the town for many years, and during that time we have built up a reputation for providing affordable solutions to all pest control issues. When you need the professionals, we’ll be waiting right here for your call.

How Do You Get Rid Of Wasps?

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1 – Identify

We offer the most comprehensive wasp control Clacton on Sea has to offer, and the initial part of the process is to identify the insects themselves. All reputable pest controllers leave honey bees alone, but if we’re dealing with wasps then we perform a risk assessment before determining the safest and most effective form of treatment.

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2 – Treat

We use an extremely strong insecticide which starts to work immediately. In no time at all, you will begin to see a reduction in wasp activity, and within two or three hours there will be virtually no activity at all. You may notice the occasional returning wasp, but each of these will be eradicated as soon as they re-enter the nest.

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3 – Eradicated

Our Clacton on Sea wasp nest removal team will hit the heart of the nest quickly and safely. Our experts are friendly and informative, and they will always carry out a survey of the area once they have treated the nest. If there are other nests nearby, we will see them, and we will make our customers aware of the available options.

Our Clacton on Sea Wasp Control Is Available 7 days A Week!

Having a wasp nest on your property can be upsetting, especially if there are people who have phobias or perhaps are allergic to wasp stings. There is no need to worry, however, because one call to Clacton on Sea Wasp Nest Removal is all it takes to remove the stress. We have the knowledge and the experience required to leave you wasp-free in no time at all.

As a responsible pest control specialist, we strongly recommend that nests are only treated by fully trained professionals. We always point out to our customers that a nest, especially in the later summer months, can contain many thousands of wasps, and if these insects feel even slightly threatened they are likely to attack in significant numbers. The consequences of this can of course be extremely serious.

If you engage the services of Clacton on Sea Wasp Nest Removal, you can rest assured that your problem will handled quickly, effectively and decisively. Our 24/7 service means just that; you can call anytime, and we will come out to you as soon as possible. In the majority of cases, that means we will visit on the day of your call. During busy periods, we may come out on the following day.

What If The Treatment Is Unsuccessful?

Unlike some other pest controllers, our work comes with a guarantee. In 99% of instances, we don’t need to pay a return visit, but in the unlikely event of one being needed we promise to come out at no extra cost to you. For many of our customers, it’s reassuring to know that the price they are quoted is the price they will pay.

How Quick Are The Results?

Wasps can make nests in any number of locations, as long as they offer protection and security. Many nests are found in loft spaces, garages, outhouses and in cavity walls. If the nest is to be found outside, it’s likely to be in tree hollows or perhaps in burrows that were once created by rodents. It’s worth remembering that, thanks to our long reach equipment, we will be able to get access to any nest in any location.

Do You Remove The Wasp Nest?

Unless the customer asks us to do so, we leave the nest in place after we have administered our treatment. There is no particular need for removal, because a colony of wasps will never re-use an old nest. If you would prefer us to remove it, we are able to do so for a small extra charge. As always, our accredited professionals will be able to offer you friendly, informative advice from start to finish. All you need to do is ask the experts.

Local Discreet Service

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Call Our Wasp Pest Control Team On 01245 808995

  • The nest was treated while I was at work and all gone on my return.

    Mrs Watson- Clacton on Sea
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