Rayleigh Wasp Nest Removal Only £59.00

For the best wasp nest removal Rayleigh can offer, all you need to do is call DCM Pest Control. With our in-depth knowledge, our state of the art techniques and our friendly service, we are the experts you need from the moment you discover a problem.

Whether you have a small wasp nest in the office or a large nest in your home, you should make contact with the experts at the earliest possible opportunity. The presence of a nest can induce a degree of panic at times, of course, but on an occasion like this the sensible option is to pick up the phone and have a chat with the professionals from Rayleigh Wasp Nest Removal.

We have been providing solutions for wasp problems for both domestic and commercial customers throughout Essex and across the south-east for many years, and we provide a fast, effective service for the low, low cost of £59. It’s reassuring to know that accredited, experienced specialists are within easy reach.

How Do You Get Rid Of Wasps?

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1 – Identify

We offer the most comprehensive wasp control Rayleigh has to offer, and the initial part of the process is to identify the insects themselves. If you have noticed more wasp activity than usual in recent days, you may have a nest in the vicinity. Honey bees are left alone, but if you have a wasp nest it will be dealt with accordingly.

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2 – Treat

Using high-tech, specialised equipment, we will spray an extremely strong insecticide to the affected area. There is no need to spray inside the nest, because we apply the chemicals to the access area and the wasps carry it inside. Within a short time, usually just two or three hours, you can expect to see virtually no further wasp activity.

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3 – Eradicated

Our Rayleigh wasp nest removal team will hit the heart of the nest quickly and safely. There is usually no sign of wasp activity after a few hours or so, because by this stage the queen and all the inhabitants will have been eradicated. Once this has happened, the nest will become completely dormant, as they are never used again.

Our Rayleigh Wasp Control Is Available 7 days A Week!

Wasps can be a nuisance to all of us, but of course they represent far more than that to people who have to cope with allergies or phobias. If you have a nest nearby, you need fast, decisive action, and that’s why we offer a speedy response and a 24-hour, 7-day service. One call to Rayleigh Wasp Nest Removal is all you need to remedy the situation, so be sure to reach out to us as soon as you become aware of the problem.

DCM firmly believe in offering a fair and affordable service, and our £59 fixed price represents great value for money. It’s important to remember there are no hidden extras with this cost; you pay this low price, and we do all that’s necessary to render your home or workplace wasp-free.

Some people will understandably be upset at the thought of having a wasp nest in the property, our friendly and informative experts will soon put you at ease. We know all there is to know about the habits and behaviour patterns of wasps, and we are always happy to offer advice. And of course our fast-acting treatment will soon eradicate the inhabitants of any nest, irrespective of where it happens to be located.

When you need the type of wasp nest removal Rayleigh can trust, the only thing you need to do is pick up the phone and call our team or email us here.

What If The Treatment Is Unsuccessful?

Our work is fully guaranteed, and that means we always make sure the insects are neutralised. In the highly unlikely event of a return visit being necessary, we will come back out to you for no extra charge. Our fixed price for wasp nest treatment is our fixed price, it really is as simple and as straightforward as that. We pride ourselves in offering a service that’s affordable, fair and effective.

How Quick Are The Results?

Our fast-acting, state of the art chemicals will begin to work immediately, and within just two or three hours every wasp inside the nest will have been eradicated. The only activity you can expect to see from then on will be the occasional returning wasps, and these will be dealt with in no time at all when they enter the nest. And as long as we have permission to enter the garden, you may not even need to be at home when we call.

Do You Remove The Wasp Nest?

The short answer to this question is no, and the reason for leaving the nest in situ is that wasps never return to a previously used nest. Some home owners will still ask us to remove the nest, and we will do so for a small extra charge. As always, 100% customer satisfaction is our top priority. The sizable amount of repeat business that we receive stands as testament to the quality of our service.

Local Discreet Service

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